Footstool Make-Over: Part I



C’mon, sing it with me folks – “U.G.L.Y. You ain’t got no alibi!”

Is this a real song, or just some crazy-family song?

So, this is the footstool. Before I had my way with it, of course. We inherited this bad boy at some point in the last ten years, probably when we moved into our first apartment. It’s been used (and abused), and was eventually relegated to our basement storage room. Let’s just say it didn’t exactly “go” with our current decor.

Enter Little Hooty back in April. I quickly found that I absolutely needed/wanted/ desired/whatever somewhere to rest my feet while I fulfilled my ‘motherly duties’. I mean, if I was going to be stuck in a chair for sometimes 45 minutes (yes, I said 45) at a time, I at least wanted to be comfy. Enter aforementioned ugly footstool. By this time, I absolutely did NOT care if it didn’t match our decor – comfort outweighed appearance. Hmmmm, a lot like my current style? That’s another post entirely – and rather depressing actually.

So, this little ol’ footstool has made a permanent home in Audrey’s room over the last ten months and it quickly became my bosom buddy (see what I did there?). But EVERY time I see it, I shudder. It seriously needed a makeover. The early 90’s (maybe earlier?) [p]leather was worn and outdated – not exactly nursery material. But fear not, little footstool! I got me some spray paint and fabric!

A New Wardrobe for the Footstool

A New Wardrobe for the Footstool

Stay tuned, folks, to see how this went from the little footstool that could(n’t) to a fabulous fashionista! (Too much? Yah, thought so.) Stay tuned anyways.


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