Footstool Make-Over: Part 2

Footstool Make-Over: Part 1

Beauty & the Beast

Beauty & the Beast

Disclaimer (for all you ‘professional’ spray-painters out there): Cut me some slack. This is my very first attempt at spray painting anything…well, aside from the time I tagged that bridge in high school. Just kidding. Anyways, first time spray painting and all that. So, I may or may not have gotten a little ‘spray-paint happy’. Combine that with equal parts impatience and excitement. And, this project is what you get. I think it turned out alright, if I do say so myself. 🙂

As you can see from the before pictures, the footstool was pretty rough looking. I started by giving it a good wipe down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust and debris that had been hanging around. I also used a clean cloth and some good ol’ rubbing alcohol to give the base of the stool a quick wipe-down. And, PAINT TIME!

First, I used Krylon Primer. This is when I realized that I was a little spray-paint happy – I used almost an entire can…of primer. I think that I was just so excited to finally be giving this footstool a facelift that I got a little over-zealous and forgot that the can I was holding wasn’t the final colour. Sigh. Oh well, more is better, right? So, an (almost) entire can of primer and some drying time later, and I was ready to start spray-painting the REAL colour. Again, I used Krylon – the colour is called Pistachio. I ended up giving the base about five coats (again, spray-paint happy much?).

Goodbye Black! Hello Green!

Goodbye Black! Hello Green!

What I love about spray-paint: it covers well and easily. What I hate about spray-paint: Waiting for it to dry.

Enter my destructive alter-ego carrying a pair of pliers and an exacto knife. I absolutely couldn’t wait to tear off the old black [p]leather! I left the old foam and batting in place because it was still in good condition. I contemplated adding some extra batting, but I really had no complaints about the ‘cushiness’ of the footstool.

Goodbye [P]leather!

Goodbye [P]leather!

We’re into the home stretch! What I learned at this stage? My staple gun sucks. I mean, it did the job, but I’ll definitely need to be replacing this (should be) handy little piece of equipment ASAP! A few (hundred) staples later and it was ready for the big reveal!



Lemme just say, I absolutely LOVE how this little footstool turned out! The bright colours are so cheery! Hmmmm, I think we should re-paint Audrey’s room to co-ordinate with the stool. 🙂


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