Pirate’s Booty, Paint & Power Tools

Pirate's Booty, Paint & Power Tools

Pirate’s Booty, Paint & Power Tools

I recently developed a serious love for thrift stores and transforming previously loved items into something new and interesting (geee, thanks Pinterest for developing some new obsessions). A few months ago, I extended my love of thrift stores to include Kijiji (the ‘Craigslist’ of Canada – and yes, I do realize there is a Craigslist in Canada). My Pinterest boards are over-flowing with ideas of projects that I would like to try, and I have a notebook full of inspiration for different areas of our house. But, being on a limited budget meant that I couldn’t just run out and buy the things I wanted – besides, I’m starting to gravitate towards objects that we have personalized ourselves (and moving away from things that are ‘right-out-of-the-box). And so, my love of ‘Buy and Sell’ ads was born.

Three weeks ago, I was stalking surfing the local ‘Buy and Sell’ ads, and I came across this incredible cabinet (aka Pirate’s Booty)!

Pirate's Booty! Score!

Pirate’s Booty! Score!

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw it, and was barely able to control myself when I saw that the seller was only asking $50! Now, although I was stellar excited about the cabinet, I really didn’t have a spare $50 kickin’ around for this little project. I took a chance and offered the seller $40 (I know it’s only a $10 difference, but $10 saved is $10 more in my pocket) – less than 24 hours later, I was the proud owner of this wooden beauty! Hooooot! My husband was a little less enthused and questioned my choice of the word ‘incredible’ as a descriptor for this cabinet. I know, I know… It looks a little rough, but as soon as I saw it I was convinced that I could bring it back to its former glory (or, at the very least, give it some new glory).

A Hot Wooden Mess (But I love it!)

A Hot Wooden Mess (But I love it!)

With cabinet in hand (well, in trunk), I made my way to our local Home Depot in search of some ideas and equipment. I’m no tool expert or handy-woman extraordinaire, but I can pretty effectively operate the basics – hammer, drill, level. Even more importantly, I’m not afraid to rock some new tools and learn as I go! There was one thing that I was ABSOLUTELY sure I would need for this project – a power sander (obviously). I knew I could technically sand the cabinet by hand (uh-huh), but thought that A) power tools were made for a reason, right? and B) I really was just looking for a reason to buy myself a tool. 🙂 Enter the “power tool” part of the equation:

My New Sander!

My New Sander!

Now, I’ve thought about how I want to re-finish the cabinet (when I eventually get around to sanding this sucker), and have come up with several options. I could re-finish the entire cabinet with a stain… I could paint the entire cabinet (and distress or not distress?)… I could paint the bottom part of the cabinet and stain the top… So many options to choose from, so hopefully once I’ve sanded it down it will reveal it’s true identity to me. While I was at Home Depot and contemplating all of these different options, I happened to wander into the paint section (maybe cabinet karma?). Now, I usually just pass by the “Oops” section (where all the mixed up paints go to die), but I just happened to spot the perfect paint colour for only $9! It’s sort of a golden-rod/sunflower yellow, and I love yellow (so cheery and bright)!

Paint. 9 Dolla' Bill.

Paint. 9 Dolla’ Bill.

I’m not sure whether I’ll ultimately use this paint for my Pirate’s Booty cabinet, or whether it will be used for some other awesome project, but I can’t wait to use it! Maybe an accent wall over my kitchen command center? Maybe my peg board for my craft room? Possibly a coffee table make-over?

Check back soon to see how I (finally) decide to transform my Pirate’s Booty cabinet using my new power tool and (maybe) paint – and where this cabinet will ultimately find a permanent home!


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