Printables, Free Fonts & St. Patrick’s Day – Oh My!


A few months back, I was technologically devastated – the hard drive on my beloved Mac crashed (and no, before you ask, I didn’t ‘regularly’ back up my data…yes I’m a moron). I lost approximately six years worth of teaching plans, school-related printables, and teaching documents. Gah. I was faced with the possibility of retrieving “some data” (says the guy at the computer store) for the bargain price of $700. Ummmm, no thanks. It took me all of about 30 seconds to make that decision. Yes, it will take me (sigh) y-e-a-r-s to build back all of those teaching files, but at least I didn’t lose any of my precious pictures (for some reason I had enough fore-thought to back those up). So, two months, a new hard drive, and twenty billion attempts at re-loading software later…I’m finally back up and running at full speed (well, that’s a relative term, I guess).

Now that I have Microsoft Word loaded back on my computer, I couldn’t wait to try and download some of the ‘free’ fonts* that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for the last few months. First, I couldn’t believe that there were actually fonts out there that you didn’t have to pay for*. Second, I wasn’t quite sure how they worked (or whether it would even work at all). Verdict? It works. And, yes, they are free*. I have about three hours of time spent downloading free fonts to prove it! I then spent another few hours playing around with fonts, backgrounds, and images to create some cool St. Patrick’s Day printables to use around the house! Check ’em out and feel free to download them for yourself! They’re nothin’ fancy, but not bad for a first attempt at a decorative (as opposed to a functional/school-related) printable!

Make Your Own Luck {Printable} 8 x 10

Make Your Own Luck {Printable} 8 x 10

Click the image above to download!

Make Your Own Luck {Printable} 8 x 8

Make Your Own Luck {Printable} 8 x 8

Click the image above to download!

* NOTE: Most ‘free’ fonts are free for personal use only, and have an option to donate to the artist who created the font. When you download a ‘free’ font, please read the independent terms of use file for each font – it will tell you how you are able to use the font.


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