St. Patrick’s Day Printable – Part 2

I finally managed to make use of the St. Patrick’s Day printables that I rustled up last week! Wooot! Minus the cost of the ink refills that I had to run out and get in the middle of printing (geesh!), this cheery little St. Patrick’s Day project only cost me a few dollars. I managed to hunt down most of my supplies at the dollar store, and the rest I already had on hand. My ideal project – cheap!

Make Your Own Luck

Make Your Own Luck

I used some scrapbooking paper as the backing behind the printable, and used double-sided tape to adhere the two sheets together. Side note: I love double-sided tape! I recently discovered it while roaming the aisles at the local dollar store. Now, as we all know, anything purchased at the dollar store can go one of two ways – you discover that it works wonderfully and is an awesome bargain, or, (the more likely possibility), it turns out to be crap. Well, in this instance, luck was on my side (coincidence? I think not!), and it turned out to be pretty awesome stuff (three rolls for only $1.25)! I thought it looked a little ‘blah’ and needed some sprucing up! A little paper banner was just what the doctor ordered!



I used a simple template to draw out several flags on the back of my scrapbook paper. After cutting them out, I was trying to figure out how to embellish them to make them look just a little more eye-catching. I toyed with the idea of cutting out small horseshoes in a contrasting colour, or sketching a horseshoe onto each flag, but decided both of those options involved a little more concentration than I had to spare at that particular moment. Mommy brain and all that nonsense.



I dug through my stash of crafting supplies to see if I could come up with something that might work, and was hoping to get something along the lines of a horseshoe. With an ink pad and a letter ‘u’ stamp, I was armed to decorate!

Stampin' Fancy!

Stampin’ Fancy!

After a few more necessary frills, my St. Patrick’s Day frame was ready to make an appearance!

Pretty Green Pizazz!

Pretty Green Pizazz!


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