Craft Room Chaos: The Beginning

Forget skeletons in the closet. This is worse. My craft room doesn’t just have skeletons, it’s like a craft graveyard. And, as much as my Type A personality is screaming “STOP! Don’t do it!”, I’m going to show you what it actually looks like. Right. Now.

The Chaos. Eeek.

The Chaos. Eeek.

There's a desk under there somewhere...

There’s a desk under there somewhere…

It’s pretty hideous. I should be ashamed. Part of me is (Type A part), and the other part of me sees the potential to turn it into a blog post! And, there is so much more appreciation for a good ‘After’ shot when the ‘Before’ shots are so brutal. Check.

The current state of my Craft Room is the result of several problems. First, lack of storage. Second, crafting on the sly (aka starting a project during nap time and sticking it somewhere until next nap time). Third, over-abundance of supplies. Let’s not admit that as a problem, shall we. Unfortunately, because my Craft Room looks like a gigantic slop bucket, my projects have slowly trickled into other areas of the house. I can’t work in there! Too much chaos. So, yes, instead of cleaning it up, I have diligently avoided even acknowledging its existence. Until now.

Leaning Tower of Craft Supplies

Leaning Tower of Craft Supplies

First step: More storage! For free? Yes, please! I wanted storage that would contain supplies, but would also serve double-duty as a work surface. I was hoping for a counter-top-ish height since I like to stand while I work – is it just me or does everything seems easier when you stand? Now, back to the ‘free’ part of my additional storage wishlist. Our garage was (until recently!) home to some oak-veneer raised panel cabinetry (sounds sexy, right?) which was being used to hide store odds and ends. These cabinets were from our original kitchen, and since we didn’t pay to renovate our current kitchen, it’s FREE cabinetry! Woooop! Bonus: Already has butcher block counter on top too!

Oh happy day! Storage!

Oh happy day! Storage!

Only problem? Not really in line style-wise with the current pieces I have in there – IKEA white everywhere! So, future plans are for some type of re-finishing for the cabinets. I think some paint shall do the trick! Annnddd, since its MY Craft Room, I can paint them ANY. COLOUR. I. WANT! Oooooh, choices, choices!

Colour Inspiration!

Colour Inspiration!

I found this beautiful little piece of colour inspiration on – where else? – Pinterest. I absolutely love pinks and purples – for me, they represent creativity and peace. Not for everyone, I get it. But I think these colours together are perfection. Definitely a possibility. Click on the image above to view the original source of the image!

Now, with the additional storage problem solved, I need to get down to the sorting and organizing part of the make-over. Bleh.


Oh, and that fancy masking tape rectangle on the wall is my very technical way of measuring out space for ‘something’ that I’ll have in a future post!

Let's play "Find the Baby"!

Let’s play “Find the Baby”!


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