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Craft Room Chaos: The Beginning

Forget skeletons in the closet. This is worse. My craft room doesn’t just have skeletons, it’s like a craft graveyard. And, as much as my Type A personality is screaming “STOP! Don’t do it!”, I’m going to show you what it actually looks like. Right. Now. It’s pretty hideous. I should be ashamed. Part of … Continue reading

Printables, Free Fonts & St. Patrick’s Day – Oh My!

A few months back, I was technologically devastated – the hard drive on my beloved Mac crashed (and no, before you ask, I didn’t ‘regularly’ back up my data…yes I’m a moron). I lost approximately six years worth of teaching plans, school-related printables, and teaching documents. Gah. I was faced with the possibility of retrieving … Continue reading

Day o’ Love Banner

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I figured that maybe I’d get on the ‘Decorating Train’. Now, I’m not usually much into Valentine’s Day  – holiday? Me thinks not. – and I don’t usually decorate for holidays other than Christmas and Halloween. But, with a new blog in the works and some extra … Continue reading