Day o’ Love Banner

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I figured that maybe I’d get on the ‘Decorating Train’. Now, I’m not usually much into Valentine’s Day ¬†– holiday? Me thinks not. – and I don’t usually decorate for holidays other than Christmas and Halloween. But, with a new blog in the works and some extra … Continue reading

Delicious Lick-the-Pan Brownies

Confession. I like chocolate. And dessert. I really like any combination of the two. This recipe? Check and check. These brownies were so delectable that I actually licked the plate. Not kidding. Kind of embarassed. Ok, not really. I’m always on the hunt for new baking recipes, and trying to figure out ways to tweak … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Over the weekend, I hit up one of our local thrift stores (inspired by this challenge over at Young House Love) and managed to score these two beautiful pieces of ‘Thrift Store Score’ for a grand total of $14.67! I knew right away that both pieces would be the perfect addition to Audrey’s ever-evolving room … Continue reading

Thrift Store Love & My Favourite Blog

One of my absolutely FAVOURITE¬†blogs is ‘Young House Love‘. They are funny, quirky, and amazing DIY-ers (and they’ve recently published their OWN BOOK)! Hoooooot! I stumbled upon their blog from – where else? – Pinterest, and have been hooked ever since. Their blog was even the final inspiration to get me to start my own … Continue reading

Footstool Make-Over: Part 2

Footstool Make-Over: Part 1 Disclaimer (for all you ‘professional’ spray-painters out there): Cut me some slack. This is my very first attempt at spray painting anything…well, aside from the time I tagged that bridge in high school. Just kidding. Anyways, first time spray painting and all that. So, I may or may not have gotten … Continue reading

Footstool Make-Over: Part I

C’mon, sing it with me folks – “U.G.L.Y. You ain’t got no alibi!” Is this a real song, or just some crazy-family song? So, this is the footstool. Before I had my way with it, of course. We inherited this bad boy at some point in the last ten years, probably when we moved into … Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

That’s right. Ya heard. Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Cups. Mmmm-hmmm. Okay. ‘Nuff of the anticipation. I stumbled across this recipe from – where else? – Pinterest. Now, here’s how this went down: Enter my hourly daily (that sounds better) Pinterest visit. I spy with my little eye a DELICIOUS picture of chocolate peanut butter cups. The … Continue reading

Pinterest Is to Blame

Pinterest is to blame. That’s my new favourite line whenever Allan asks why there’s a can of bright yellow paint in the living room/ten old pallets in the garage/a ratty looking cabinet in the trunk/a stash of fabric six feet high/etc. It’s been working well for me so far, so I’m going to continue to … Continue reading